Currently our businesses are conducted through our main office in Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Javis is among the top trusted companies in Tanzania with its impressive network of human resource, infrastructure, market intelligence, procurement, logistics and solid trading grounds. We have a team of well-trained personals who procure commodities directly from the villages and do all processes ready for exportation to the international markets.

The management is coupled with its strong regional and international network of affiliations which brings strategic foresight, knowledge, deep function and a practical approach to build capabilities and delivering real impact in agro trading business.

Our major clients have been international organizations such as World Food Programme, clients from countries such as China, Middle East, Europe, India and countries in East and Central Africa.


Javis has the capacity of trading 200,000 tons per annum of agro commodities within Africa and around the world.


We aim to double our trading capacity to 400,000 tons per annum within the next two years.